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Different Types Of SEO Penalties: Search Engine Optimization News

Today, for a business to achieve the highest gains, it has to be online. However, on the internet, it also has to ensure it achieves the highest listing on search engines. Most business people don’t know the trick to use. The tricks they use sometimes end up backfiring.

On the other hand, it’s not necessary to violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines because it results to penalties. If you get such penalties, they results into reduction of website rankings, or you are removed. If you want to avoid getting such penalties from Google, you have to understand the following penalties.

The best thing is that Google is transparent. It will let you that it has penalized you. Here are different types of penalties:

  • Hidden Text :- 

Today, search engines are playing the role of accounting editors. They ensure they see everything to ensure it’s transparent. It happens even with texts that readers don’t need to see.

There are many ways you hide text. For example, you can make the font to have the same colors as your background. So, regardless of the technique you use, it will be referred to as sperm by Google leading to penalization.

  • Unnatural Links

If Google will detect that there are some unnatural links that have been artificially create by another person or you to your website, it has to penalize them through devaluation. Google will let you clean them without hurting your website.

Google considers unnatural links as participated or purchased in any link scheme. It is a tough decision because Google will penalize your website.

  • Hacked Website

In case Google thinks that your website has been hacked, the site will be penalized. The penalty applies to those sites where the hackers have used malicious content, and the owner has no consent.

The owner of the site will be responsible in adding spam to his site, but Google will hold the owner accountable if he will fail to offer sufficient security because visitors also have their risks. So, it’s essential to clean spammy content that hackers leave and also locate vulnerability to ensure it’s patched.Avoid Google Penalties

  • Keyword Stuffing

If you use excess keywords, you will be in trouble for violating Google’s webmaster regulations. When you use too many keywords, Google “refs” can throw a yellow flag that will lead to penalization of the website.So make sure not insert so many keywords in your website and work natural like Melbourne SEO Company page.

  • Unnatural Outbound Links

In case you sell links, then you are regulating the rule of Google webmaster guidelines. If it happens, it comes with manual action risks, but the penalty will not be heavy. However, you have to know that having low-quality links will lower your EAT score through undermining of content authority.

  • Shallow Or Thin Content

Google algorithm helps to put content into quality. If you have shallow or thin content, it will be referred to as spam where it will be treated accordingly. A thin content, according to Google, it’s a content that doesn’t add value nor has little. Such type of content include duplicate, scraped from the other site, or even affiliate posts such that they are offering promotional links.