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Things keep in Mind While Moving From Graphic Design to Web Design

Moving across from working strictly in graphic design to being in the web design field is not an easy 1-2-3 stepped process. You’re looking to go from someone who’s adept at producing logos and maybe mockup designs leading to full custom designed websites. You’re not a natural coder. You’re not programming HTML, CSS or JavaScript, let alone backend coding like ASP.NET or PHP or regularly working with relational database systems. It’s a completely different mindset and discipline that’s required and really a changed personality and way of working too. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when making the move from graphic design to web design.

  1. Learning to Be a Great Coder Takes Years

While you can take a course to learn a coding language, that’s only the beginning. It’s necessary to practice in order to develop your skills. The language won’t come to you naturally if you don’t use it to create solutions, work through the bugs and come up with a workable solution. Then comes improving that initial code to make it more efficient, add new features and triumph over any difficulties along the way. This process makes you a better coder, but that takes time to develop your skills. Then you have to do the same thing with each language and framework used with your coding as a well-rounded web developer in web design.

  1. You Require a Web Developed Portfolio of Projects to Get Better Paid Positions

Even without coding experience at another job when making the transition to web developer, you’ll require a solid portfolio of projects where you’ve been the lead programmer on the project. If you aren’t getting the opportunity to do so at your current firm and are stuck in a graphic design position, then you’ll need to get your own clients to code for them or produce standalone projects that you own and control. Either way, you end up with a portfolio of impressive projects to show off to a prospective employer.

  1. You’ll Face Some Opposition

In any position when wanting to move across, you’ll face opposition. The Tricity web  Solutions company wants to keep you where you are because otherwise they have to fill your position. They have to juggle things around and take a risk on your web design abilities which they’d rather not do. Other web developers in the firm won’t want the increased competition which will make it harder for them to get a promotion if it turns out you’re better than they are. Get ready.

  1. Study Never Ends

As a web designer, the languages you’ll use will always keep updating. New languages will come out and you’ll have to learn those too. It’s arduous. And it never ends until you stop being a web designer!

  1. You’ll Have to Be a Master of Many Talents

You probably cannot specialize. You’ll be needed to be just as good coding JavaScript as you are with some lines of CSS. Need to modify a WordPress premium theme to make it better? Get stuck in and make it so.